Getting the Shot: Fireworks

Oh, The 4th of July!

One of the only holidays that no gift giving is deemed necessary. Such a stress reliever! It’s the day we can all enjoy getting together just to have fun and celebrate freedom. Of course the best part besides beer and burgers is the FIREWORKS!

People gather hours ahead of show time to ensure a good viewing spot even though they usually only last around 5 to 10 minutes. When pondering this I decided to write a post with some helpful tips & tricks to help you capture the fireworks. With so little time, being prepared ahead of time is CRUCIAL to successful firework photos.

-A tripod. 

A tripod is an ABSOLUTE essential! Although there are ways to get away with not having one. One way is by mounting it on a solid surface that could act as a tripod. This works best if you have a remote or wireless trigger.

-Remote or wireless trigger.

A remote or wireless trigger is a great help when it comes to keeping your photos sharp. Even when you use a tripod, if you click the trigger directly you may not get the sharp picture you were hoping for.

-Set a low ISO.

A low ISO helps reduce any noise that may occur. The last thing you want is a potential shot being ruined by static everywhere. As long as you follow the other tips, there should be no reason for a high ISO.

-Suggested beginning aperture f/11-ish.

Starting at an aperture around f/11 is widely suggested when it comes to firework photography. Keep in mind that every setting is different and how close or far away you are will determine your final decision on aperture.

-Turn off autofocus.

Turning off autofocus is something that most people learn the hard way. Autofocus usually doesn’t work correctly in these kind of settings. So I would suggest to focus your lens manually to infinity.

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My personal supplies include:

Nikon D750

-50mm 1.8 lens
-Wireless Remote


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